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Short Hair

In the old-fashioned days, short hair was very uncommon for women. Women needed to appear feminine so women needed to have long, flowing hair. But in modern times, women have become more unconventional in terms of hairstyles. It's very common to see women with short hair nowadays. If you see a woman with short hair, the usual first impression you will have of her is that this woman is a confident and outgoing person, and that she means business. Short hair certainly makes a statement.

Things to consider when getting short hair

There are some things to remember if you are considering getting short hair. Although the general idea of short hair is that you do not have to do much with your hair and can basically just wear it as it is, there is still a certain level of upkeep involved with short hair. You must be able to have your hair trimmed every month or month and a half to keep your hair from growing too long, changing the look of your entire haircut in the process.

Also, you must take into consideration what shape your face is to get the most out of your short hair. Most hairstyles look well with long, oval-shaped faces, regardless of whether or not the woman wears short hair or long hair. Round-shaped faces usually call for a haircut that makes their faces look longer, the same way that people with diamond-shaped faces need a hairstyle that makes their faces look rounder.

Research on the different looks of short hair. Flip through magazines or look for photos on the Internet. If you find a look you like, cut the page out or print it out and take it to your stylist. Consult if that particular short hair style will suit you. Go to a stylist you trust -- especially because there is no going back with short hair. Try to find someone who is already familiar with the texture of your hair and understands what particular style of short hair you want to have.

If you have fully decided to go with short hair and finally get around to getting your haircut, make sure that your stylist shows you what to do to maintain your new short hair. Take the time to ask about which hair products are best to use for your short hair or how to correctly blow dry your short hair should the need arise. If you are hesitant about getting short hair, remember that hair grows back.